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Microfleet Wiki is a collaborative website about our Microspace wargame that anyone can edit - feel free to browse the following links to begin learning more.

A chapter-based guide to how to play the game. Newcomers to the game should start here.
A comprehensive listing of all the ships that have been uploaded by players to the wiki.
A directory of past games that others have played, often with handy-dandy pictoral coverage.
A listing of the various governments, corporations, and pirate gangs that inhabit the game universe.
Players and others interested in the game are listed here. Check this page out if you're looking to play a game but don't know of anyone interested in your area.
Lego Users Groups and other such groups of people that might be interested in the game or facilitate other Lego-based activities. Always a good starting point for a Lego fan just starting to get serious about the hobby.

If you'd like the help contribute, check out the To-Do List.

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